Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold in a Tennessee Crawlspace

Mold is not an uncommon find in Tennessee crawlspaces. Because of the crazy weather that Tennessee is known for, crawlspaces are most times high in humidity and moisture. This damage was not caused by Tennessee weather though. This damage is the result of an ongoing leak that has saturated the sub-floor above and caused subsequent damage in the crawlspace.

Sumner County Mold Damage

This Sumner County homeowner had a crack in their bathtub, causing damage to the sub-floor underneath. When they discovered the damage they knew to call the professionals at SERVPRO® of Sumner County at 615-822-0200.

Why Exhaust Fans Are Important in Your Sumner County Home

Bathrooms are a high humidity area in your home. Exhaust fans in bathrooms are meant to pull humidity from the air and duct it to the exterior of the home. Properly installed bathroom exhaust fans will rid the air of excess moisture, humidity and odor. This exhaust fan was not properly installed and did not have the proper insulation on the ducting, which in turn caused it to condensate and mold began to grow.

Efflorescence and Mold in Sumner County Basement

If basements do not have proper ventilation or are not properly sealed they can begin to have moisture problems, causing efflorescence or mold to grow. This photo shows a sealed basement wall with efflorescence and mold present.

Mold Damage - Hendersonville Garage

Mold damage to the Hendersonville garage pictured resulted from a very small leak. The leak ended up wicking through the insulation and the drywall ceiling of the garage. We were required to tear out the ceiling and insulation before treating the mold infestation.

Portland Mold

Mold grows where ever there is moisture and a food source. This drywall was attacked through the paint to cause this unsightly mold growth. The owner requested that we remove this damaged wall. We did, and sprayed an anti-microbial product for sanitizing before closing up the new wall.