Water Damage Photo Gallery

Roof Damage

We received a call from a homeowner regarding water damage caused by a hole in the roof of their property. This is a second property for this customer and when they came to check on the home there had been storm damage to the roof which resulted in a hole.

Sumner County Water Damage

In this photo you can see damage caused by a leak above. Our teams are trained to always check the crawlspace if there is a leak on the main level. Many times water will travel under the flooring, through the sub-floor and penetrate the crawlspace. Our teams can often set drying equipment in the crawlspace to aid in the drying process from below.

SERVPRO® of Sumner County Saves Cabinets in Hendersonville Home

Water damages often times originate in kitchens. Our teams are trained to dry the structure as quickly as possible to reduce the amount of damage. Water travels quickly through sub-floor and can breach cabinets and even at times travel under walls to other adjacent rooms. Many times if our trained teams feel that the cabinets can be dried in place we are able to detach toe kick and drill cavity holes to direct air flow underneath. This not only reduces the claim, but also allows the homeowner to utilize their kitchen area while work is being completed.

SERVPRO® of Sumner County Saves Hardwood Flooring

Water can damage hardwood flooring quickly if it is not addressed. Our SERVPRO® of Sumner County office has specialty equipment that can aide in drying floors quickly and efficiently so that they are able to be salvaged. Pictured is our mat system that uses suction to pull the water out of the flooring while it is being dried.

Broken Pipe Causes Damage in Sumner County Home

Busted water pipes can cause substantial amounts of damage to a home. This picture depicts the amount of water that is dispersed throughout a home after a pipe bursts.  This damage was found shortly after it happened under the kitchen sink and you can see the amount of water that traveled to a spare room down the hall. It is important to stop the leak and call for mitigation services as soon as possible to help lessen the damage. Call SERVPRO® of Sumner County if you are in need of water damage services.

Floor Tenting in Hendersonville, TN Home

Our teams go above and beyond to try and save damaged materials in our customers’ homes. These hardwood floors were able to be saved after our teams tented the damage to create a drying chamber.